Whether you are a business owner or home owner, you want to be able to look forward to a safe and trouble-free Christmas period. With endless weather warnings for freezing temperatures, possible snow and the inevitable storm, prevention is certainly better than the cure. In this article, we look at both angles;  our top tips on how to keep your premises secure against adverse weather, and also what to do in unfortunate event of your home or business being damaged by a flood or fire.

Here are our Top Tips

  1. Protect your Pipes:  It is very important to make sure that water pipes and and the water tank in your attic are insulated with good quality lagging. This has the double benefit of protecting your pipes from freezing and possibly bursting, and also insulating your hot water, saving on your energy bills. This applies both to homes and businesses.
  2. Get your Heating Serviced: It may be Murphy’s Law, but just as the weather starts to  freeze,   boilers around the country start to seize. Be pre-emptive and get your boiler serviced annually. Don’t wait for the problem to happen on Christmas Eve, schedule a service well in advance to ensure you are warm this holiday season. To help improve the efficiency of your heating system, it could also be advisable to have the system flushed.
  3. When Away from Home or When Your Business is closed keep the heating system on low to maintain at least a temperature of 5 degrees throughout the property, including the attic. This will prevent pipes from freezing. It might also be advisable to isolate the mains water supply as an added precaution.
  4. Time to Call the Chimney Sweep: There is nothing like an open fire on a cold winters day. But having the chimney cleaned to clear blockages, soot and old bird nests will greatly reduce the chance of a potentially hazardous chimney fire. It is also a good time to clear the gutters, because when they become blocked rain can start to seep in through the roof and into the walls of your home.
  5. Be Prepared for Power Cuts: We know from experience how suddenly this can happen during strong winds or a lightening strike, and have experienced that frantic search around the house for a source of light. It is always a good idea to have candles, torches, blankets and a small camping stove  at the ready for an unexpected power cut.
  6. Make sure you are Insured: Finally, check your home / business premises insurance policy to make sure it is up to date and includes everything you need covered. Don’t hesitate to call your insurance company with any concerns.

What to do if your property is damaged?

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your house or business has been damaged by fire or flood, don’t worry we in ATR Group are just a phone call away, and have the experience and expertise to help you. Below is a list of the essential DOs and DONTs in the event of fire, flood or burst or frozen pipes in your home or business.




Stay safe and warm this winter, from all in The ATR Group.




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