Burst Pipes or Frozen Pipe Damage (Escape of Water)

Water damage due to burst pipes or frozen pipes, often referred to as “escape of water”, can be devastating to property and contents. But what does escape of water mean exactly? In short it is the spread of water in to a property from fixed plumbing installations.  For example, frozen pipe damage (the pipe bursts and leaks on thawing) would be classed as escape of water, as would a leak from any plumbing appliance or sanitary ware.  A flood caused by wet weather conditions, on the other hand, would not.

One thing is for sure though – escape of water claims are increasing and the damage caused can be quite severe.  Property owners affected by this type of damage will face the problem of how to repair and clear up.

DOs after an Escape of Water

The quickest and most effective solution is to call in a team of professionals who have all the knowledge needed to rectify the situation promptly and efficiently.  But, before calling in the experts, there are some dos and don’ts property owners can follow to ensure that any damage caused by escape of water is minimised and the clean-up operation is completed as quickly as possible.

  • DO turn off the source of the water immediately.  In most cases – as in the case of burst or frozen water pipes – be at the water mains, often located under the main sink in the kitchen area, but escapes of water can also originate from other plumbing appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine.
  • DO mop up any excess water, as this will stop further damage and make the process of repairing burst pipes a lot quicker and help to prevent secondary damage.
  • DO open windows to vent the rooms out, as well as using a fan or de-humidifier to help with the drying process.
  • DO get in touch with your insurance company and arrange for a specialist to attend the property.   If you’re insurance company cannot get a specialist out to your disaster for any reason, call The ATR Group and they can be on site rapidly.

DONTS after Escape of Water

As well as the things that property owners should do, there are also a few things to avoid:

  • DON’T Lift or remove any carpets
  • DON’T Apply any heat to affected surfaces. This could cause further damage to certain contents.
  • DON’T use bleach, detergent or other cleaning products on an affected area

There are also a number of other actions that could potentially invalidate any escape of water claims made to an insurance company.  So, you should contact a water restoration specialist, like The ATR Group or your insurance company to check with them first.


Act Now

To ensure that a property, which has suffered flood damage, is restored properly call the ATR Group on 1800 287 999. Our team has all the knowledge needed to complete every stage of this task. Regardless of whether you are a business or a homeowner, The ATR Group can help.  ATR are well established and are a supplier to many of the Irelands top insurance companies. Call us on 1800 287 999, or for further information on fire damage repair see this.