When making improvements to your home, you want to make it better for you to live in but an added bonus is if your improvements add value to your home.

1. The number of Bedrooms
Bedrooms add value to a home so it’s not always a great idea to demolish a bedroom so that you can have a huge bathroom. Typically you’re better to have a smaller bedroom and a slightly bigger bedroom.

You may be using a small bedroom as an office but if you are selling it may be better to stage it back as a bedroom as potential buyers may not need an office but desire an extra office.

2. Decorating Scheme
Most buyers will prefer neutral colours. So typically it’s better to keep your decorating neutral especially fittings such as bathroom fittings.

3. First Impressions Last with Potential Buyers
People get good or bad vibes for a property within the first ten seconds. Tidy up your gardens, paint the front door and ensure the hallway is clean and tidy. Ensure the house smells fresh and clean.

4. Downstairs Toilet or Bathroom
Having a toilet downstairs, even a small one under the stairs, will be viewed as a positive by buyers. If you don’t have one maybe consider installing one.

5. New Kitchen
Kitchens are important to buyers so this room can make or break the deal. Should you consider spending a lot and installing a new one or could you update your existing one with a new colour, new doors and handles. It depends on what your potential buyers will want. Your estate agent can advise.

6. Parking / Garage
If your house is located on a busy street, off-street parking will be seen as a huge advantage by most buyers whereas others would prefer to keep a front garden. You need to decide which you prefer and what will be most appreciated by potential purchasers..

7. An Extension
Should you extend your home? Yes, if you’re going to get good use from those rooms. Yes, if it means turning a poky kitchen into a large, bright, pleasant room. Yes, if it means adding on ‘essential’ rooms in a family house such as a downstairs shower room and a mudroom or laundry.

However, if the building of an extension means the garden will much smaller than in neighbouring houses, consider if an attic conversion would be a better move.

8. Insulation
Attic or wall insulation may not be visible to first-time viewers but they are important in a house sale. Ensure any changes are in keeping with the property and that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb, particularly if in an estate or street.

9. Open Plan
There’s a definite trend towards open plan living but don’t go knocking down too many walls. While two rooms knocked into one can great a brighter and larger ‘living space’ don’t go overboard. Ensure that walls are adequately supported with RSJs, and that you have a certificate to prove it.

10. Gardens
While an ‘easy maintenance’ garden is always an advantage, don’t go to any extremes in terms of complicated landscaping. A well kept lawn with some shrubs for colour and interest will appeal to most buyers.