The ATR Group are approved Saniflo Service Engineers for both residential and commercial customers.   We can carry out all installation, repair and service work in or out of warranty to your official Saniflo products.  Saniflo always recommend that you utilise the services of an engineer approved by Saniflo Ltd.

When you use a Saniflo approved engineer you are using an engineer who is trained, supported and backed by Saniflo Ltd.  In addition, only Saniflo approved engineers are authorised to repair Saniflo units under the terms of their 2 year warranty.

For all your residential and commercial installation, repair and service  needs contact The ATR Group.

Sanicom can be used as a grey water lifting station in busy domestic or commercial situations (bar, restaurant, laundry..). Resistant against high temperatures it can also handle heavy duty dishwashers & washing machines. It has a pumping capacity of 10m vertically or 100m horizontally, and lesser combinations of both

Saniflo Cubic  is a pumping station designed to accept multiple fixures from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. It has the ability to pump waste away through 40mm pressure pipe-work up to 11m vertically or 100m horizontally, or a lesser combinati

Sanibest is an all new macerator pump designed to accept water from a toilet, plus a choice of other gravity drained or pumped waste fixtures. Sanibest takes waste from a toilet, bath, basin, bidet, shower, etc. The waste is pumped away in 20mm uPVC pipe-work, up to 7m vertically, or 100m horizontally, or a lesser combination of both.

Sani Plus is recommended where a washing machine is used in conjunction with a toilet, basin, shower, or bath. The larger case size allows for less frequent pumping actions and a longer life span in this scenario compared to other pumps.

The pump sits behind a P-trap toilet and waste water can be drained by gravity from a shower, bath, wash-basin, and washing machine to the inlets on either side of the unit.

SaniPro With Sanipro a toilet, shower, and wash basin can be installed almost anywhere. It is easy and economical to install and can be concealed behind a removable access panel for improved aesthetic if required.Click here to add your own text

SaniShower A compact domestic pump which can be easily connected to a washbasin and shower. Also suitable for a doctor’s surgery vanity basin depending on usage.

Ideal for basement installations. Its small dimensions and low level start make Sanishower perfectly adapted to be integrated under a shower tray, or discreetly within a piece of furniture. SANISHOWER will remove waste and water from a shower and wash basin. It can be concealed beneath a shower tray

SaniSpeed The perfect solution for installing a complete kitchen at ground level or in the basement. Ideal for adding additional fixtures in multiple tenancies without disturbing neighbours.
The small bore grey water pump system that’s suited for commercial facilities. Sanispeed is ideal for serveries, bars, canteens and coffee stations. Its commercially rated motor pumps up to 7 metres vertically or 70 metres horizontally, or a lesser combination of both. The Sanispeed is also equipped with a commercially rated motor and is capable of accepting temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes.

SaniTop The “quiet” macerating and pumping system, adaptable on a traditional toilet, together with a washbasin.

SANITOP enables you to install a WC and wash basin – even below sewer level or where you need to pump waste up and away.

Sanitop pumps through 20mm uPVC small-bore pipework, vertically up to 5 metres or horizontally up to 100 metres or a lesser combination of both