Why Use ATR GRoup

1.Our Specialised Team: We provide both preventative and post COVID-19 disinfection services.  Our experienced team of specialists, are fully trained with the appropriate techniques in the use of powerful certified chemicals and specialized equipment to effectively reduce the number of pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) that pose harm to your employees, customers and the general public.

2. Initial Risk Assessment: We fully recognise that this type of service is not needed for every business. That is why we first provide a detailed, in-depth risk assessment of the area in question.  This assessment includes reviewing a business’ current sanitation protocols, and offering sound advice and guidance.

3. Get Back To Business: By adding ATR Groups BIO Hazard service to your regular commercial sanitation protocol, you may be able to more quickly and effectively clean the places where your employees and customers frequent and help create a cleaner and safer environment for everyone. It may also help you get back to business sooner should your workplace or facilities be exposed to COVID-19.  If you have concerns about your cleaning and disinfecting processes and efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.